ILRG vision and mission

Our vision

  • To pioneer knowledge of legume biology and its application
  • To develop knowledge of plants and their products for the benefit of health and the environment
  • To enhance recognition of the value of plant science to the Australian and global community
  • To mentor the next generation of plant scientists

Our mission

The ILRG is committed to:

  • Being one of the leading legume research centres in the world
  • Providing international leadership and capacity in the study of plant development
  • Creating an integrated and creative research environment
  • Developing and applying cutting-edge molecular genetic tools for research into the legume's genome-phenome relationship
  • Utilise translational biology to transfer knowledge to practical applications
  • Applying new and ethno-botanical knowledge of legumes for the benefit of the environment, health and agriculture
  • Providing high quality and specialised education of Honours, visiting and post-graduate students
  • Developing products which have tangible benefits for human health and the environment