We deliver knowledge, skills, research and innovation to ensure global food and water security and to create a more sustainable world.

We're renowned for our research and teaching excellence across the inter-connected disciplines of agriculture, agribusiness, food science and technology, plant and soil sciences, and animal and wildlife science. 

UQ is the world’s top-ranked tropical agriculture university. Together with partners from within the University community and beyond, we provide our students with exceptional opportunities for flexible learning, invaluable industry experience, and unique research.

Our graduates leave us as highly sought-after professionals who are ready to help address complex and unrelenting global issues such as climate change, food and water security, biosecurity, and the protection of endangered wildlife.

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Global focus

Our 500-strong international student body, varied exchange programs, and wide network of collaborators ensure that our academic environment is vibrant, our outlook is global, and our research impacts are far-reaching.

Our people

Our diverse and committed teams of researchers, academics, technicians and professionals are leaders in their areas of expertise.

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Our networks

We work closely with industry experts, policy-makers, researchers and community partners to shape careers, deliver impact to business and government, and benefit wider society.