Researcher biography

I am a lecturer in Animal Science and Production. My research focuses on ruminant nutrition and gut microbiology. My Ph.D. through the University of Sydney investigated the effects of various feed additives and biofuel by-products on performance, carcass characteristics, fatty acid profiles and the molecular regulation of adipogenesis in lambs. I then went on to complete a post-doc in Canada (AAFC and Uni of Alberta), investigating the effects of weaning age and strategy on the development of the ruminal microbiome in dairy calves. This theme continued during my 2 year stay in INRA, France where I was awarded an individual Marie-Curie Fellowship to investigate the effects of additives on gut microbiome establishment and lifelong effects on the animal. Additionally, I have a strong interest in feed efficiency, and environmentally sustainable production systems. I have published 22 peer-reviewed journal articles, including 3 invited reviews and 1 contribution to a technical report by the FAO. I have also presented the outcomes of my research in over 30 scientific and industry conferences and symposium throughout the world.

Areas of research