A variety of research projects in Food science and technology are available in our School for Honours and Postgraduate coursework students enrolled at UQ.

Students will gain valuable academic and professional skills, develop links with industry and academic contacts, and have the chance to road-test a career in research.

If you want to contact a specific staff member, please view the list below or visit their UQ Researchers profile page to see their list of available projects in the discipline area that is aligned to your research interests.

UQ researcher Project types
Associate Professor Nidhi BansalPlant Biology; Animal Production; Crop and Pasture Production.
Professor Bhesh BhandariEngineering; Technology; Food Sciences; Nanotechnology; Food Engineering; Food Packaging, Preservation and Safety; Food Processing; Nanotechnology not elsewhere classified.
Professor Melissa Fitzgerald 
Dr Vassilis KontogiorgosChemical Sciences; Engineering; Physical Chemistry (incl. Structural); Chemical Engineering; Food Sciences; Colloid and Surface Chemistry; Rheology; Food Chemistry and Molecular Gastronomy (excl. Wine); Food Processing; Food Sciences not elsewhere classified. 
Dr Dierdre MikkelsenMicrobiology; Food Sciences; Resources Engineering and Extractive Metallurgy.
Dr Dian Ningtyas 
Ms Huong Thi Pham  
Dr Sangeeta Prakash 
Dr Hojjat Seyedi 
Professor Mark TurnerBiological Sciences; Engineering; Microbiology; Food Sciences; Food Packaging, Preservation and Safety.