Wildlife science focuses on animal biology and the management of wild animals, including their conservation and ecology.

You'll study native and exotic mammals, reptiles, birds and amphibians in their natural or man-made environments, their biodiversity, and the emerging issues associated with human-wildlife interactions.

Our expert wildlife scientists and biologists are involved in the conservation and management of non-captive and captive wildlife, and rare and exotic animals. They'll teach you how to implement and evaluate wildlife management programs for captive and free-ranging wildlife.

You'll develop a deep scientific knowledge of:

  • wildlife anatomy and physiology
  • captive breeding
  • reproduction
  • nutrition and health
  • husbandry
  • ecology and wildlife management
  • welfare and behaviour.

Undergraduates can add an extra year of honours to the Bachelor of Wildlife Science, or combine wildlife science interests with practical business skills on the Bachelors of Agribusiness/Wildlife dual degree program.

Postgraduates can extend their knowledge of the care and management of wildlife by opting for the Wildlife Biology field of study within our Master of Animal Science.