Broadly speaking, agriculture is the production of food and fibre to feed and clothe people. However, persistent climate change and a growing world population have combined to create a reality that's significantly more complex than traditional crop and livestock production.

Agricultural scientists face the ongoing challenge of sustainably increasing production to meet an exponential rise in global food demand - and they must do so with fewer resources and under escalating climate pressures. Increasingly, science will underpin farmers' and governments' efforts to tackle this challenge, and our degree programs will equip you with the advanced scientific and technical skills necessary to make you in high demand globally.

As an undergraduate, you’ll develop an understanding of the science and dynamics that drive the components and farming systems for cropping and livestock. You'll focus on sustainability and innovation for extensive agriculture (field crops), intensive systems (horticulture), and animal production, health and welfare, with an emphasis on tropical and sub-tropical climates.

Our postgraduate programs will expose you to the latest advances in agricultural science, including precision agriculture techniques, genetic technologies and sustainable resource management.

Why choose agriculture at UQ?

UQ is ranked number one in Australia in agriculture for both research and teaching outcomes. You'll learn from research academics who are integrally connected to industry and government, and are themselves world leaders in their disciplines. 

You'll have access to our extensive specialist research facilities at Gatton and St Lucia.

Our flexible degree programs enable you to develop general or specialised expertise, and you'll gain practical experience through industry placements, study tours and independent research projects.

If your interests are in sustainable agriculture (agronomy, horticulture or livestock and poultry science), you can combine them with practical business skills by choosing the Bachelors of Agribusiness/Sustainable Agriculture dual degree.

You'll find employment in a wide range of industries within the agricultural sector, including:

  • agronomy and horticulture
  • research and development
  • agricultural consultancy
  • management
  • production
  • rural finance
  • agricultural and resource economics
  • financial advisory.

What our students say

angus dalgliesh"Studying sustainable agriculture at UQ has given me a deeper knowledge and understanding of the different types of systems and technology used in today's farming industry, and how they're constantly changing and evolving. By studying this program, students like myself gain an insight into modern farming methods and practices, which in turn gives us the ability to farm in a sustainable manner in the future."

Angus Dalgliesh, Bachelor of Sustainable Agriculture

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