We conduct field, captive and laboratory-based projects, researching the physiology and behaviour of koalas in a range of environments across Queensland.

We have continuously monitored several of our field research sites for more than 15 years, and in doing so are able to undertake long-term studies, including those focused on the impact of large infrastructure and resource extraction projects on the life history of free-ranging koalas, and seasonal spatial and breeding dynamics.

Our group was founded by Dr Bill Ellis, and comprises ecologists, biologists and postgraduate students.

We pioneered new techniques for investigating mating systems, determining diet preferences, understanding vocal interactions, and analysing spatial dynamics, among other aspects of koala biology.

We also research disease transmission, heat physiology, social behaviour and responses to development and resource extraction.

We work on several community-based projects and have collaborations with the University of Sydney, Queensland University of Technology and Central Queensland University.

Our list of publications is comprehensive and authoritative.