CAEG has produced at least 100 written outputs, including 11 books, five if which have been translated into Chinese.

Selected journal publications and books since 2020 include.

  • Zhang Jing, Scott Waldron and Dong Xiaoxia (2022). Evidence from a choice experiment in consumer preference towards Infant Milk Formula (IMF) in the context of dairy revitalization and COVID-19 pandemic. Foods, 11 (17) 2689, 1-15.
  • Victor Ferguson, Scott Waldron and Darren Lim (2022). Market adjustments to import sanctions: lessons from Chinese restrictions on Australian trade, 2020–21. Review of International Political Economy, 1-27.
  • Scott Waldron, Si Zhizhi, Theingi Myint and Dominic Smith (2022). China’s cross-border economic integration: formalising cattle imports from Myanmar. China: An International Journal, 20 (2), 101-133.
  • Zhang Jing, Colin Brown, Scott Waldron, Lava Yadav and Zhuoga Deqing (2022). Heterogeneity in agricultural households and transition paths in southern Tibet. Journal of Mountain Science, 19 (5), 1386-1403.
  • Colin Brown, Zhang Jing, Zhuoga Deqing, Baiyang Weisi and Lava Yadav (2021) Market integration and agricultural development: The case of Tibet's ruminant livestock industries. Agribusiness, 37 (4), 818-837.
  • Colin Brown, Karl Behrendt, Li Ping, Qiao Guanghua, Jeff Bennett, Zhang Bao, Jane Addison, David Kemp, Han Guodong and Zhang Jing (2020). Refining China's grassland policies: an interdisciplinary and ex-ante analysis. The Rangeland Journal42 (6), 435-445.
  • Colin Brown (ed) (2020) Common grasslands in Asia: a comparative analysis of Chinese and Mongolian grasslands. Cheltenham, United Kingdom: Edward Elgar Publishing.