Current CAEG Researchers

Emeritus and Honorary

Visiting scholars

2018: Si Zhizhi, Associate Professor at the Institute of Food Science and Technology, Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences  

2016: Dong Xiaoxia, Associate Professor, Agricultural Information Institute, Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences 

2009: An Pingli, Associate Professor, Department of Land Resource Management, College of Resources and Environment, China Agricultural University

2007-2008: Yu Aizhi, Associate Professor, School of Economics, Central University of Finance & Economics, Beijing

2004-2005: Chai Jun, College of Economics and Management, Xinjiang Agricultural University

2004: Zhao Yutian, Research Centre for the Rural Economy, Ministry of Agriculture

2003: Zheng Shaofeng, College of Economics and Management, Northwest Sci-tech University of Agriculture and Forestry

2000-2001: Hu Jilian, College of Economics and Management, Shandong Agricultural University; Li Ping, College of Economics and Management, China Agricultural University

1992-1994: Lu Xiaoping, International Co-operation Division, Ministry of Agriculture

1992: Professor Liu Yuman, Chinese Rural Development Institute, Chinese Academy of Social Sciences; Xing Yu, Chinese Institute of Agricultural Economics, Chinese Academy of Social Sciences

Other collaborating Chinese agricultural economists include Chen Jiyuan, Ling Xiangjin, Zhang Cungen, Niu Ruofeng and Ke Bingsheng.