Gatton facilities

Native Wildlife Teaching and Research Facility

Our Native Wildlife Facility supports teaching and research in native wildlife, and contributes to the conservation of Australian ecosystems.

Students enrolled in our wildlife science programs take practical classes at the facility, and volunteer there as part of their degree requirements.

We participate in captive breeding programs for two critically endangered species - the bridled nailtail wallaby and the mahogany glider. For teaching and research purposes, we also maintain colonies of fat-tailed dunnarts, eastern blue-tongue lizards and central bearded dragons, and house a black-headed python.

Special-topic students, postgraduates and researchers use the facility for their projects, which span a range of topics, including:

  • reproductive behaviour and physiology
  • behavioural studies, including microchip automated feeder use
  • physiology, including hormonal assessments in faecal samples
  • nutrition, including diet selection and gut microbiome
  • genetics
  • ecological studies into habitat selection and use
  • distribution or population surveys
  • post-release monitoring.

We collaborate with external zoological institutions and government agencies, and are regularly involved in UQ engagement activities.

Contact us

For more information, contact Trish O'Hara, or find us on Facebook.

Poultry Science Unit

Our Poultry Science Unit plays a key role in supporting teaching and research activities within our School.

Undergraduate and postgraduate students use it to gain hands-on experience working with poultry.

They can access rooms for metabolic studies, semi-commercial houses for broiler and layer studies, and free-range facilities for layers.

Our field facilities are supported by laboratories for nutrition, physiology, microbiology and molecular biology.

Our wide range of research is largely funded by government and industry, and has an emphasis on nutrition, gastrointestinal physiology and health, feed ingredient quality, and biomanufacturing of feed additives.

For more information, contact Dr Xiuhua Li.

Other Gatton facilities

Our Gatton campus houses a range of specialist equipment, services and facilities to enable teaching and research activities.