Commercial services

We appreciate the value of working together, and offer our expertise and equipment to help our research, government and industry partners achieve their goals.

Our varied laboratories at St Lucia and Gatton house equipment that's often not available in industry, and our staff are experts in analysis.

Our academics and technical colleagues can also provide consultation and opinion on a diverse range of areas within the animal, food and fibre industries.

Analytical Services Unit

The Analytical Services Unit offers an analytical chemistry service for UQ colleagues and external clients.

We can run standard analyses or conduct method development on non-standard analysis.

We specialise in the chemical analysis of soils, plants, water, animal matter and foods. As required, we can extend our capabilities and discuss the analysis of other sample types.

The unit houses facilities at our St Lucia and Gatton campuses.

It has equipment for both elemental and organic compound analysis, including:

St Lucia    Gatton



CHN combustion analyser

CHN combustion analyser

HPLC with UV, fluorescence, RID and ELSD detector12

HPLC with UV, fluorescence, RID and ELSD detector

HPLC with MS/MS detector

GC with FID and TCD detector

GC with FID and TCD detector

UV/Vis Spectrophotometer

specialised greenhouse-gas GC

near Infra-Red Spectrophotometer

GC with MS detector

Fourier Transform Infra-Red Spectrophotometer

GCGC with MS detector

total organic carbon analyser

UV/Vis Spectrophotometer

Kjedahl analyser

UV/Vis auto analyser

fibre analyser

microwave digester


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For more information, contact our Analytical Services Managers: 

Food Sensory Laboratory

The Food Sensory Laboratory is a teaching, research, training and development unit.

We design and implement analytical sensory tests, including difference tests, threshold tests and descriptive sensory analysis. 

We can also characterise the rheological and textural properties of test products.

The facility is well-suited for controlled sensory evaluation of food and beverages by trained and semi-trained panels.

It houses a panel-tasting area with five individual tasting booths equipped with computer for data collection using Compusense® five software. 

The tasting area features lighting of variable intensity and colour, and controlled air temperature and flow. 

A kitchen and conference room adjoin the tasting area for sample preparation and panel training.

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If you have an enquiry about the Food Sensory Laboratory, contact Dr Sangeeta Prakash.

Centre for Spray Technology Application Research and Training

The Centre for Spray Technology Application Research and Training (C-START) is an internationally-recognised scientific research, training and consultancy group.

We're based at Gatton, and enjoy a long history of assisting governments and industry.

We achieve best practice in balancing crop protection and production with protection of the environment.

Our research areas include:

  • particle size and velocity measurement
  • flow field assessments
  • spray drift studies
  • spray drift modelling
  • droplet spectrum analysis
  • field and laboratory studies
  • pesticide exposure studies
  • liquid physical properties and evaporation.

Our wide range of world-class specialist facilities includes:

  • Wind Tunnel Research Facility
  • Dantec Phase Doppler Analyser (PDA)
  • Oxford Lasers Imaging System
  • laser diffraction particle sizers (Sympatec, Malvern)
  • field equipment.

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For more information, contact Dr Andrew Hewitt.

Crop Research Unit

The Crop Research Unit is based at Gatton and available to UQ research and teaching staff, as well as external clients.

We use the unit for research, and undergraduate and postgraduate teaching in horticulture and agriculture. 

It's also available to external research clients such as seed and chemical companies. The CSIRO is among our current clients.

Research undertaken at the unit includes:

  • sunflower agronomy and breeding trials
  • vegetable seed variety trials
  • chemical efficacy trials
  • water efficiency in maize production
  • sorghum agronomy and variety trials
  • perennial tree-crop (Pongamia) biofuel and carbon-offset planting.

The unit is set on 40 hectares of research farmland, which is divided into small and large plots for growing annual and perennial crops.

    Its facilities and equipment include:

    • office and workrooms
    • cool room and packing shed
    • machinery sheds and workshops
    • dual rain-out shelter facility
    • plant-growing greenhouse tunnels
    • full range of horticultural and agricultural farm equipment.

    SAFS Glasshouse Services

    The SAFS Glasshouse Unit is available for: 

    • container-grown plant teaching and research
    • horticulture teaching and research
    • plant nursery skills training
    • potted-plant research and development
    • community engagement activities.

    Located in a secure compound at Gatton, the unit comprises a range of areas to enable potted-plant growth, including:

    • propagation facilities
    • open nursery beds
    • tunnel houses
    • greenhouses
    • research quality, controlled environment glasshouse
    • lysimetry research facility
    • nursery support (teaching, office and storage areas).

    School experts and colleagues from the Centre for Native Floriculture’s Australian Plant Breeding Program used the unit to breed a range of drought-hardy, ornamental Australian native plants and to create UQ start-up company Aussie Colours.

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    For more information, contact Bec Archer

    Mobile: 0448 292 998

    Consultation and opinion

    Our academics and technical experts can provide professional advice and comment on a diverse range of areas within the animal, food and fibre industries.

    We welcome consultation and collaboration with industry partners and government on research and development ventures, and our expertise across a broad range of disciplines ensures high-quality outcomes.

    We provide professional advice on:

    • literature reviews
    • management plans
    • scoping studies
    • business strategy and policy development
    • development of fact sheets, guides, manuals and tools
    • survey design
    • viability of new technologies.

    We provide expert, independent and impartial opinion in a range of situations, including:

    • reviewing of facts
    • analysis
    • written reports
    • litigation and court cases.

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    For more information, contact the relevant School expert if you're familiar with our people, or email us to discuss your needs.