Animal products are a significant component of human diets, while some animals play an increasingly important role in recreation and ecotourism. Within this changing societal context, our research addresses major contemporary issues, including sustainability, animal welfare, biodiversity, climate change and food/feed security.

We're a unique group in Australian agriculture, providing postgraduate training in both fundamental and applied aspects of research with production animals (livestock and poultry), horses and wildlife. 

We collaborate both nationally and internationally and engage extensively with stakeholders, including producers, consumers and granting bodies. 

We conduct our research in some of the best animal research facilities in the Southern Hemisphere, including the Queensland Animal Science Precinct and equine and poultry research units.

Our research

Animal production

The supply of food for a growing world population must be met with diminishing global resources. Our research goal is sustainable animal production, especially in the tropics, through improved efficiency of humane and environmentally responsible use of animals to meet the demand for animal products.

Equine science

Horses are an integral part of the Australian environment but have unique roles as both performance and companion animals. We're concerned with equine biology and management for athletic performance while gaining an understanding of the value of the positive relationships between humans and horses.

Wildlife biology

Changes to the environment that have accompanied agricultural expansion and urban sprawl have had diverse impacts on wildlife populations: some have been pushed towards extinction while others have multiplied uncontrollably. Our research focus is on redressing this imbalance. 

Research themes and impact

Our research efforts and impacts encompass the broad, intersecting themes of metabolism and physiological adaptation, sustainable systems, and conservation biology and management.

Our projects

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Our people

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