We offer several opportunities to conduct short- or long-term experiments in aspects of plant water use, quantifying demand for production in rice, mungbean and/or maize. We use innovative pot technologies to quantify water use. Our ACIAR-funded project aims to quantify water use of various alternative dry-season crops that may contribute to efficient use of limited water resources.

Location: you can conduct experiments year round in glasshouses at St Lucia or Gatton. You can conduct short vegetative experiments (6 weeks) or longer term (4 to 5 months; plants grown to maturity) to fit into course plans. You'll need one month to collate data

Expected outcomes: an understanding of the effect of abiotic stress on plant growth and development; experimentation and research strategies for glasshouse condition

Supervisors: Dr Jaquie Mitchell, Professor Shu Fukai

Before you apply: contact the primary supervisor for more details

Project members

Dr Jaquie Mitchell

Senior Lecturer Agronomy
School of Agriculture and Food Sciences