There is opportunity to reverse the rising atmospheric CO2 concentrations by sequestering carbon  into soils as organic matter. A primary target are degraded agricultural soils. This project contributes to global initiatives aimed at recycling organic wastes to counteract climate change. The project forms part of a new interdisciplinary "Industry Transformation Training Centre for Biosolids" ( funded by the Australian Research Council.

We are seeking talented candidates to identify safe substances and optimise their use to rebuild soil organic matter. The candidate will be passionate about the circular economy and enjoy collaborating with academics, government and industry. Suitable backgrounds include one or more of the following disciplines: soil and environmental sciences, agriculture, chemical engineering, microbiology and biotechnology.

The candidate will explore how organic substances interact with soils, and how microbial processes can be engineered to retain organic matter in support of healthy  soils.

Location: St Lucia

Project members

Professor Susanne Schmidt

School of Agriculture and Food Sciences

Professor Ram Dalal AM

Adjunct Professor
School of Agriculture and Food Sciences