This project forms part of an Innovation Connections industry partnership between our UQ research team and a SE QLD business that produces low-soluble, biologically activated fertilisers for the turf, horticulture, crop and grazing
industries, including regenerative and organic agriculture.

The ideal candidate will have a strong academic record and knowledge in bio/chemistry, plant biology, soil science and cognate disciplines. The candidate will have interest in working in the evaluation of fertiliser formulations that combine low-water soluble nutrients, organic materials and beneficial microbes. The focus of this project is product validation and comparison with other market-leading products and newly designed next-generation fertilisers. Further, this project presents opportunity for entrepreneurship and contributing to change in agriculture by boosting efficiencies and reducing pollution. 

Supervisor: Prof Susanne Schmidt

Associate Supervisor: Dr Kimberly Tilbrook and Dr Nicole Robinson

Commencement date: 2021

Project members

Professor Susanne Schmidt

School of Agriculture and Food Sciences

Dr Nicole Robinson

Research Fellow
School of Agriculture and Food Sciences