Microalgae are the world's most productive photosynthetic organisms, and can double in biomass daily. Importantly, they can grow in fresh water, brackish water or seawater without competing for arable land. You'll work with our Algae Biotechnology Team to carry out either laboratory work or large-scale outdoor cultivation to optimise the production of algae-derived products, including biodiesel, protein-rich animal feed or innovative food for human consumption, such as nutraceuticals, omega-3 fatty acids and carotenoids.

Location: St Lucia

Expected outcomes: research and technical skills in applied research of global interest using molecular biology, microbiology, plant biology, chemical engineering and/or food science

Supervisors: Professor Peer Schenk

Before you apply: contact the primary supervisor for more details

Project members

Professor Peer Schenk

School of Agriculture and Food Sciences