Sorghum is Australia's number one summer cereal and an important staple for more than 500 million people in the semi-arid tropics. It's also one of the only cereals to remain productive under heat and drought stress. There are key developmental genes involved in drought resistance mechanisms, including phytohormone signalling and root architecture traits. We aim to understand these in sorghum by manipulating some of the key genes in transgenic sorghums and measuring the plant's response to drought under controlled conditions. You'll assist an experienced team to design the project, which will contribute to pre-existing investigations.

Location: St Lucia

Expected outcomes: an understanding of how research is carried out, and insight into the genetic manipulation of cereals and how basic plant cellular biology effects plant development and resilience. Skills learned will include plant transformation, various plant molecular biology techniques, and the phenotyping of plants under controlled growth conditions

Supervisors: Professor Ian Godwin

Before you apply: contact the primary supervisor for more details

Project members