Mungbean is a high protein pulse crop grown in Queensland. Mungbean has a long flowering window that results in staggered maturity, complicating harvest and often reducing yield. The physiological and genetic mechanisms that control flowering along with any trade-offs associated with variation in flowering are not well understood. This project aims to provide new insights into the flowering behaviour of a diverse set of mungbean varieties.

You will:

  • Develop new insight into the physiology of flowering behaviour in mungbean
  • Identify the yield potential and trade-offs associated with different flowering windows
  • Identify genomic regions associated with determine, synchronous flowering and yield component traits
  • Undertake controlled environment and field experiments at UQ St Lucia and Gatton campus
  • Develop skills in phenotyping technology, data analysis and interpretation

Project members

Dr Millicent Smith

Lecturer Crop Physiology
School of Agriculture and Food Sciences
Affiliate Lecturer
Centre for Crop Science