Farmers are interested in alternative fertilisers and biostimulants to reduce costs and environmental foot print of farming. Recycled organic wastes and beneficial microbes are considered an avenue to produce better crops with less input of agrochemicals. While the market for 'eco/bio-products' is rapidly expanding, science is lagging behind in quantifying impact and mechanisms. In this project, we collaborate with a Brisbane-based company on 'Eco-friendly fertilisers for sustainable farming'. In this project, commercial products are tested to evaluate the effects on microbial communities in rhizosphere and soil, quantify crop growth and nutrient processes in soil. Plant-growth promoting rhizobacteria and adaptive-release organic fertiliser will be tested in field and glasshouse experiments together with sugarcane and horticulutral industries. The student will gain insight into cutting edge microbial ecology, nutrient cycling, crop and soil function, and working with industry

Project members

Professor Susanne Schmidt

School of Agriculture and Food Sciences