The Indonesian seaweed industry has rapidly expanded over the last twenty years and now supports the livelihoods of over 35,000 coastal households in South Sulawesi. The Government of Indonesia has prioritized the development of the seaweed industry as a result of its important role in poverty reduction in coastal communities. However, the impact that seaweed farming has on rural livelihoods is not well understood. In this research project you will work as part of a large multidisciplinary team to explore how transitioning into seaweed farming impacts rural livelihoods. We are currently undertaking a large project and have a range of potential topics which involve social, economic and/or technological assessments of the impact of seaweed farming on rural livelihoods and coastal environments.

Project members

Dr Zannie Langford

Research Fellow
School of Agriculture and Food Sciences

Associate Professor Scott Waldron

Principal Research Fellow & Associate Professor
School of Agriculture and Food Sciences