There are vast differences in root systems between Medicago species, with the commonly grown M. sativa (lucerne) having a taproot. New crosses with other medicago species differ in their root system architecture (tap root vs fibrous root) and this will have a significant effect on water and nutrient utilisation, drought resistance and persistence in soils with subsoil constraints. This project will investigate the root systems and water utilisation between different Medicago crosses in glasshouse trials. This project is co-supervised by Prof John Irwin. This project is suitable for a student interested in plant physiology. The outcomes of this project will inform breeding programs and further the understanding of root sytem architecture on plant growth under water limiting conditions.

Location: St Lucia and Gatton campuses

Supervisor: Dr Bernhard Wehrb

Project members

Dr Bernhard Wehr

Lecturer in Soil Chemistry
School of Agriculture and Food Sciences