Capsicum is a widely grown high-value vegetable crop that has a relatively poor nutrient utilisation. Root growth and root system architecture has been investigated, but soil chemical properties appear to play an important role in root system development. This project will investigate the effect of soil chemical constraints on nutrient utilisation of a number of cultivars and accessions. The study will utilise rhizoboxes, pot trials and solution culture to determine the effect of pH ,EC, soluble Al concentration on the root system and nutrient utilisation. This project is suitable for a student interested in soil chemistry/ plant nutrition/ crop physiology/ horticulture. The project is co-supervised by Dr Steve Harper (DAF). The outcome of the project will increase our understanding of soil properties on root system development in capsicums and the information can be used to improve field management and inform breeding programs.

Location: Gatton

This project is available to Honours and Postgraduate Coursework students.

Project members

Principal Supervisor:

Dr Bernhard Wehr

Lecturer in Soil Chemistry
School of Agriculture and Food Sciences