Our wide range of projects in the area of tropical forests and restoration include topics such as:

  • design of mixed species plantations
  • socio-economic assessment of reforestation programs
  • carbon dynamics in tropical forests
  • climate change policy related to tropical forests
  • multidimensional reporting systems for the forests
  • sapflow and water relations in tropical forests
  • nutrient cycling dynamics in tropical forests
  • impacts of plantations on soil properties
  • recovery of tropical forests following logging
  • forest growth dynamics on Fraser Island
  • dendrochronological studies in long-term rainforest plots

Location: St Lucia

Expected outcomes: broad field experience in a tropical environment, most likely in the Philippines or North Queensland

Supervisor: Dr John Herbohn

Before you apply: contact the primary supervisor for more details

Project members

Professor John Herbohn

Honorary Professor
School of Agriculture and Food Sciences
Sustainable Minerals Institute