Sodicity of soil materials causes clay dispersion and poor physical properties. Amelioration of sodicity is commonly attempted using gypsum or any other source of Ca ions. Displacement/exchange of Na by Ca increases clay flocculation and improvements in physical properties. However, for Ca ions to be able to amend soils, water movement through the soil material is required, firstly to move Ca through the profile and to leach Na ions. This project will investigate a variety of materials and approaches to distribute Ca through the soil, increase hydraulic conductivity and enhance leaching of Na. The project will utilised lysimeters using reconstructed soil profiles and test a variety of approaches. The project is suitable for a student with interest in soil chemistry and physics. The outcomes of the project will apply to agricultural and mine rehabilitation settings.

Location: St Lucia

This project is available to Honours students.

Project members

Principal Supervisor:

Dr Bernhard Wehr

Lecturer in Soil Chemistry
School of Agriculture and Food Sciences