Tailings dams often produce leachate that may contain a range of trace elements. Capping designs of tailings dams aim to minimise leachate, but failure of the capping may result in leachate which needs to be treated prior to discharge/re-use. Another approach is to treat the leachate in-situ, thereby avoiding costly leachate treatment. This project aims to investigate novel ways to retain trace elements in the tailings. This project will involve laboratory work investigating a range of sorbents and their effect on leachate composition within the tailings. This project is suitable for a student interested in soil chemistry. This project is co-supervised by A/Prof Peter Kopittke. The outcomes of the project will be novel design options for taillings cappings.

Location: St Lucia campus

Supervisor: Dr Bernhard Wehr

Project members

Dr Bernhard Wehr

Lecturer in Soil Chemistry
School of Agriculture and Food Sciences