The soil property that primarily drives susceptibility to wind erosion is aggregate size distribution. On soils that are susceptible to wind erosion, management practices to reduce wind erosion aim to increase aggregate sizes. This can be achieved by mulch application that leads to accrual of soil organic matter and re-aggregation of soil structure during wetting and drying cycles. How effective mulch application will be is likely to be dependent on the quantity and type or mulch applied.  This project aims to assess aggregate size distribution as measured by dry sieving in response to wet-dry cycles and mulch type and quantity.  The experiment will be carried out either at Gatton or St Lucia.  It will run over two semesters to ensure sufficient breakdown of applied mulch under a number of wet-dry cycles

Project members

Dr Gunnar Kirchhof

Principal Research Fellow & Senior Lecturer
School of Agriculture and Food Sciences

Dr Alwyn Williams

Senior Lecturer in Agronomy
School of Agriculture and Food Sciences