The Hermitage Long Term trial has been running since 1968.  The trial assessed a range of agronomic and soil science responses to conservation agriculture type practises and fertilisation regimes.  Much data has been collected over the years with the most recent being submitted for publication by  Kuntal Hatia et al. late 2020.  This paper provides excellent data for soil  aggregation as a consequence of tillage methods, stubble retention and nitrogen fertilisation.  Another important dataset is the impact of these management parameters on saturated hydraulic conductivity and the van Genuchten hydraulic conductivity model.  This projects aims to measure in situ saturated hydraulic conductivity using rainfall simulation and infiltrometers as well as collecting undisturbed cores for Ksat and pF-curve determination to parameterise the van Genuchten model.  The aim is to publish a follow-up paper with Kuntal Hatia et al.

Project members

Dr Gunnar Kirchhof

Principal Research Fellow & Senior Lecturer
School of Agriculture and Food Sciences

Adjunct Professor Ram Dalal AM

Adjunct Professor
School of Agriculture and Food Sciences