Background: Phosphate-solubilising microorganisms (PSM) have often been reported in literature as a way to facilitate P uptake by plants. But despite decades of research, application of PSM inoculants in the field often fail to elicit a crop response, and adoption of PSM inoculants by farmers remains limited. This  casts doubt on the validity of inoculant use as a method to improve crop performance. 
Objective: To have a statistical summary of data on effects of inoculation with PSM
Activities: Your work will be computer-based. You will produce a spreadsheet or a database to summarize relevant data from a existing collection of literature. You will use (statistical) tools and software to extract and analyze results. 
Who: You are a precise and meticulous worker and you enjoy being comprehensive and systematic in your approach. You are independent and competent in arranging and managing data sets. You are not easily scared off by large spreadsheets.
Outcome: An overview of statistical data from literature. Depending on project success there may be possibility for involvement in publication as part of a broader study. 

Supervisor: Dr Frederik van der Bom

Location: St Lucia 


Project members

Dr Buddhi Dayananda

Senior Biometrician Consultant
School of Agriculture and Food Sciences