Phosphorus prices are rising in Australia as the supply chain is interrupted and global phosphorus deposits are becoming depleted. Nitrogen fertilisers are in the spotlight because their production demands 2% of global energy use. There is awareness that current fertilisers are inefficiency, resulting in off-site pollution and binding of fertiliser in the soil and out of reach for crops. We have designed novel fertilisers to address both problems. These novel fertilisers require testing to quantify how they supply crops and pastures. Tests will be performed in laboratory and glasshouse, using advanced analysis equipment adapted from medical research, as well as on farm. The student has opportunity to collaborate with an international team that include Australian and European leaders in nutrient recycling, Australia’s most innovative compost business, and world-leading UQ engineers who have recently invented new matrix biopolymer fertilisers. Outstanding students have opportunity for funding support and inter/national travel.


Professor Susanne Schmidt:

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Professor Susanne Schmidt

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