Background: Plant rooting pattern determines where in the soil profile a plant may extract resources. It's been suggested that combining genotypes with different patterns may therefore improve soil resource use compared with homogeneous populations of a single genotype. However, little is known about how intercropping of genotypes alters plant responses and intraspecific competition.
Objective: understand above and belowground performance and of single vs mixed genotypes
Activities: You will conduct plant growth experiments with single and mixed plant stands. You will use methods that can visualize belowground effects (e.g. rhizoboxes) and will conduct some lab work to prepare solutions and analyse plant nutrient content
Who: You are enthousiastic to grow plants and to monitor growth. You don't mind getting your hands dirty and like to get things done. You have some basic experience with lab work and processing of data in excel
Outcome: An overview of plant responses in sole or mixed combinations

Supervisor: Dr Frederik van der Bom

Location: St Lucia 

Project members

Dr Alwyn Williams

Senior Lecturer in Agronomy
School of Agriculture and Food Sciences