We offer several projects that aim to improve tropical vegetable production and quality, including:

  • screening germplasm for tolerance to aluminium toxicity
  • increasing zeaxanthin in sweet corn to combat macular degeneration
  • using compost amendments to improve soil and plant health
  • investigating grafting techniques to improve resource acquisition
  • investigating the effect of temperature on root function using a bioassay.

These experiments will involve working closely with researchers at DAF Queensland. Depending on the nature of the experiment, you'll work at UQ Gatton or DAF Research Station (across from the UQ horticulture fields), either in the field, greenhouse or laboratory.

Location: Gatton

Expected outcomes: skills in conducting industry-relevant experiments, plant nutrition and data analysis, and the opportunity to make valuable industry contacts

Supervisors: Dr Robyn Cave

Before you apply: contact the primary supervisor for more details

Project members

Dr Robyn Cave

Lecturer in Horticulture
School of Agriculture and Food Sciences