This project involves designing a game in which players receive different resources and have to plant, manage and harvest a crop (in a pot or small field plots). From resource-poor smallholder to resource-rich farmer, this game is about making decisions to achieve efficiencies. At the end, players are judged on their ability to make the most of their resources with different quality/quantify of seed, soil, water and fertiliser. The game will form the basis of a global university teaching tool to deliver advanced science concepts.

Location: St Lucia and Gatton

Expected outcomes: experience in designing experiments and learning activities in collaboration with scientists and educators at the interface of plant biology, agriculture and education

Supervisors: Professor Susanne Schmidt, Dr Nicole Robinson

Before you apply: contact the primary supervisor for more details

Project members

Professor Susanne Schmidt

School of Agriculture and Food Sciences
Affiliated Professor
Centre for Horticultural Science

Dr Nicole Robinson

Research Fellow
School of Agriculture and Food Sciences