Uptake of micronutrients in macadamia trees is generally poor and this impairs growth, nut set and yield. The thick cuticle of the leaves limits uptake of trace elements, and novel approaches are needed to increase uptake and availability of trace elements. This project will use several approaches to increase uptake of Zn (and Fe) applied to foliage of glasshouse grown trees. This project is suitable for students interested in plant nutrition and chemistry/biochemistry. This project is co-supervised by Dr Tim Smith (DAF). The outcomes of this project are improved techniques to apply trace elements to macadamia trees to improve their uptake.

Location: St Lucia campus

Supervisor: Dr Bernhard Wehr

Project members

Dr Bernhard Wehr

Lecturer in Soil Chemistry
School of Agriculture and Food Sciences

Dr Timothy Smith

Honorary Senior Fellow
School of Agriculture and Food Sciences