Many soils in Queensland are deficient in phosphorus (P). Farmers therefore apply P fertilisers, often by deep banding in 50cm rows. At the same time developments with crop breeding have delivered genotypes with different rooting patterns (deep/shallow) which may change how placed P fertiliser is used. Much remains unknown about how placement and patterns of soil exploration interact to deliver optimal growth responses to P fertiliser.


understand genotypic responses to P placed in different locations in the soil profile


You will conduct growth experiments with contrasting genotypes and P placement. You will use rhizoboxes to observed belowground patterns and you will conduct some lab work to prepare basal fertilisers and to analyse plant nutrient contents


You are enthousiastic to grow plants and to monitor growth. You don't mind getting your hands dirty and like to get things done. You have some basic experience with lab work and processing of data in excel


An overview of plant responses to P placement


St Lucia and Gatton

Project members

Dr Alwyn Williams

Senior Lecturer in Agronomy
School of Agriculture and Food Sciences