Background: Evaluating plant growth under drought conditions can bring essential information on crop productivity and and functioning. Many drought studies have traditionally been conducted using manual watering to weight, but this is laborious, often limiting studies due to labor requirements. Sub-irrigation, based on capillary rise of water, is a well established to maintain moisture in ANOVA pots. Preliminary work suggests it can also function for longer cores and may have potential to simulate drought, but further evaluation is still required to see if a practical method can be established
Objective: Develop a simple sub-irrigation method to simulate drought vs well-watered conditions in pvc cores
Activities: You will set up plant growth experiments with 60cm x 90mm diameter cores including a range of sub-irrigation regimes. You will measure water-use and plant growth.
Deliverable: An experimental approach that can be scaled up to grow plants under well watered and drought conditions in different soils.

Supervisor: Dr Frederik van der Bom

Location: St Lucia 

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