The Lockyer Valley has an extensive vegetable production industry. Among the crops grown, leafy vegetables such as lettuce are prone to leaf-spotting diseases which ruin their market value. Research on management methods based on microbial (probiotic) solutions could help to identify alternatives to synthetic fungicides. Disease models include Lettuce anthracnose and cucurbit powdery mildew.

You'll assist an experienced team to design the project, which will contribute to pre-existing investigations. Research and development teams at Multikraft Probiotics Australia and Multikraft Europe will also support the work.

Location: Gatton

Expected outcomes: an understanding of how research is undertaken, insights into crop productions and disease management processes, and skills in designing and conducting field trials, and collecting and analysing research data.

Supervisors: Associate Professor Vic Galea

Before you apply: contact the primary supervisor for more details

Project members

Professor Victor Galea

Deputy Head of School
School of Agriculture and Food Sciences