Broadacre farmers use animal manures to maintain soil fertility and productivity where manures are available and affordable. However, high transportation costs of bulky, low value manure has limited its use to regions with intensive animal feedlots. Establishment of granulation units at large-scale manure composting operations signals significant change in the organics recycling industry, with increasing availability of granulated compost products. We invite students to collaborate with us and our commercial partner, Grassdale Fertilisers (, in answering questions related to appropriate application rates, fertiliser replacement capacity and capacity to improve soil health. Laboratory testing and glasshouse experiments using CNC Farming Technology ( for running pot trials will assess the viability and efficacy of granulated cattle feedlot manure in grain crops. This project will attempt to systematically characterise granulated feedlot manure compost and assess its agronomic viability.

Project members

Primary Supervisor

Dr Alwyn Williams

Senior Lecturer in Agronomy
School of Agriculture and Food Sciences

Associate Supervisor

Mr Johannes Biala

Research Centre Manager
School of Agriculture and Food Sciences