Researcher biography

Dr Julius Kotir is a Postdoctoral Fellew in Agri-food System analysis and Supply chain Digital-Twin modelling in the School of Agriculture and Food Sciences and Teaching Fellow at the School of Earth and Environmental Sciences. His academic and research interest is focused on understanding and managing the complex and long-term sustainability of coupled socio-economic-environmental systems. A particular interest is how to use this understanding to design decision support tools in the form of models to evaluate the impact of different options under an uncertain global future. His work primarily involves combining participatory co-design and field-based methods with systems thinking tools and system dynamics modelling to develop qualitative and quantitative simulation models that can support decision making. Julius has used these tools and methods to address a wide range of complex agri-environmental problems including climate change, food security and food systems sustainability, natural resource base systems, the farming systems economics analysis, and water resources management. Current work involves applying these techniques to develop Digital-Twin Models to analyze supply chain dynamics to address critical challenges along agri-food supply chains.