Researcher biography

RESEARCH INTERESTS Fire Ecology, Ecological Genomics, Wildlife Ecology, Conservation Biology, Invasive Plants

My research group studies wildlife & ecology in southeast Queensland, Australia. Currently, we are working on:

  • Platypus distribution & conservation
  • Mammal community dynamics post-fire
  • Plant-animal interactions with changing fire regimes
  • Interactions between fire regimes & invasive plants
  • Restoration of native grassland

We have a special interest in plants and animals living in fire-prone areas because of the fascinating fact that these ecosystems are never static but continually re-shaped by cycles of fire and regeneration. While being grounded in fundamental biology and ecological theory, our research is always aimed at improving knowledge for biodiversity conservation. Our work has applications in fire management, biological invasion and threatened species conservation.

TECHNICAL APPROACHES Statistical modelling of species distributions, spatial demographic and genetic simulation modelling, landscape genomics resistance modelling, programming (advanced R, basic Unix, basic Python), molecular laboratory skills (genotyping-by-sequencing library preparation, SNP analysis, microsatellite marker development, high-throughput DNA extraction & PCR), remote-area and rural field work with native Australian animals (over ten years' experience)

TEACHING: I teach ecology, wildlife management and wildlife technology. In ecology and wildlife management, my teaching covers species distributions; population ecology; species interactions (including competition, predation, parasitism and mutualism); community ecology (including species diversity and co-existence); conservation biology, and the impacts of global change on biodiversity. In wildlife technology, my teaching covers soundscape analysis; movement ecology and wildlife tracking; computer vision, image analysis and artificial intelligence; remote sensing, big data and molecular technology.

EDITORIAL I am Associate Editor for Journal of Applied Ecology (Jan 2018–on-going).

Areas of research