Teaching and Development

  • AGRC1021 Applied Plant Biology
  • HORT2007/3009 Horticultural Science
  • HORT3008 Lifestyle Horticulture
  • HORT3003/7002 Production Horticulture
  • AGRC2019 Ecology of Natural and Agricultural Systems
  • Honours Coordinator Horticulture
  • Bachelor of Science Honours Soil and Plant Bioscience

Researcher biography

Dr Robyn Cave is a horticulturalist with research experience in plant reproductive biology and the control of plant development and flowering. Robyn completed her undergraduate degree, including Honours, at The University of Queensland (UQ) in 2007. Her Honours thesis identified the environmental signals responsible for triggering flowering in two Australian native herbs for which she was awarded the Bryan Memorial Medal for a superior Honours research project in the field of agriculture. For her outstanding academic results during her program, a prestigious University Medal was awarded. Robyn completed her doctorate in 2011 at UQ, where she developed a model to predict the duration of vegetative and reproductive phases in response to temperature, vernalisation and daylength for Brunonia Australis and Calandrinia sp. This new model included a multifaceted natural vernalisation component that could be used to schedule production of other cold-requiring herbs and to screen natural plant populations vulnerable to global warming. The results of the project were published in National and International plant science Journals. Robyn commenced her current role in December 2014 and is working on a range of projects, including yield potential of grafted vegetables and improving root stock development of pecan.

Areas of research