Researcher biography

Embracing change for excellence is the inherent quality of Dr. Shweta Singh. Her outstanding dedication and tireless efforts make training and teaching go beyond the exemplary level of expectation.

Her unique array of qualifications has created a portfolio of success in higher education. She has gained experience across multiple industries in the last 20 years of her career to embrace research opportunities in Agribusiness.

Her primary research interest lies in identifying and developing sustainable farming practices across the globe. She has a particular interest in evolving and adopting sustainable agriculture practices like value chain prepositions in Agrifood systems, life cycle analysis, vermifiltraion, carbon sequestration, farm waste management to advocate clean and green food to the community.

She hails from a farming business and wants to pursue her research aspirations to continually develop agribusiness in developing nations to enhance sustainable development. Her strong pedagogic hold fuels the research and has a capacity to undertake multi-facet research opportunities in Agribusiness.

She has been honored at QLD training Awards for three consecutive years since 2019 where she won the regional teaching Award and became a State finalist.

Her role also includes a continuum of teaching practice-Emerging-Evolving-Embedding-Excelling