Teaching and Development

  • PLNT2002 Plant Physiology
  • AGRC3002 Crop Science
  • AGRC7005 Advanced agronomy

Researcher biography

Dr Jaquie Mitchell has a major research focus on abiotic stress tolerance in crop physiology and agronomy. She has been working at the University of Queensland in the School of Agriculture and Food Sciences since 1990. As a research fellow Jaquie is currently working on a two RIRDC funded rice projects, one to identify physiological mechanisms/QTLs contributing to cold tolerance and the other to improve understanding of environmental effects (drought, salinity, nutrition and temperature) on production of volatile compounds in aromatic rice for the Australian production environment. Jaquie has also been involved in rice and cropping systems (non-rice crops) research in the Mekong region (Laos, Cambodia and Thailand) for over 20 years largely through ACIAR and Generation Challenge Program funding. Jaquie provides specialist guidance and assistance to undergraduate and postgraduate research students within crop physiology and agronomy. She has extensive experience conducting research projects focused on abiotic stress in various crop species.

Areas of research