Learning and development

  • AGRC3024 Agriculture and Resource Markets
  • AGRC7036 Agriculture and Resource Markets
  • AGRC3027 Agriculture and Resource Policy
  • AGRC7038 Agriculture and Resource Policy
  • LAND3007 Land Use and Management  

Research biography

My main research interests are in agricultural policy and agricultural marketing in China, Australia and Europe. Since 1990, however, my main research interest has been on China. I have conducted around one month’s fieldwork each year in China since 1990 in 16 provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities both in agricultural and pastoral areas. During that period I have been the project leader or principal investigator on 17 research projects with a total funding in excess of $4 million. The major research themes in China have been ruminant livestock, (wool, beef, sheepmeat, cashmere, dairy), integrated crop-livestock systems, wool textiles, grassland and resource degradation, land reforms and utilization, rural development, and food safety. I have written 10 books, 46 journal articles, 27 book chapters, 22 major reports and monographs, 31 conference papers and 18 discussion papers. Of these, all of the books and well over half of the articles, book chapters and major reports relate to China. A list of the research projects and publications are provided below.

I have been actively involved in the agricultural economics profession and society at a state (President and Committee member), national (Associate Editor and Member of Editorial Board of the Australian Journal of Agricultural and Resource Economics, thesis award committees, conference program organiser) and international (reviewer for papers at international conference). On the teaching front, I have been involved in the teaching of agricultural policy, agricultural marketing, land utilization, agricultural economics, agricultural production economics, ecological economics, and research methods since 1980. I have been the principal or co-supervisor for the research projects of 24 PhD students, 21 Masters students and 58 honours (undergraduate) students of which 4 of the postgraduate research students have received national awards for their theses.