Teaching and Development

  • AGRC2019 Agricultural and Environmental Ecology
  • AGRC3035 Short International Experience
  • ANIM1018 Livestock Industries
  • ANIM1026 Australian Terrestrial Vertebrates
  • ANIM2042 Livestock Management & Production
  • ANIM2043 Biology of Marsupials and Monotremes
  • ANIM2054 Dairy, sheep and goat science
  • ANIM3012 Extensive Animal Production
  • ANIM7016 Wildlife husbandry and utilisation
  • LPWM3005 Game Management – the science of sustainable use
  • PLNT2011 Plant and Environmental Health

Researcher biography

Associate Professor Peter Murray grew up mostly in Western Australia and after doing his undergraduate studies (both BSc and Hons) in Biology (majoring in ecology and physiology) at Murdoch University he worked for the Western Australian Department of Agriculture for nearly 10 years (as a nutritionist, during which he did his MPhil part-time through the Veterinary School at Murdoch University) and then did his PhD at the University of Western Australia.  In 1995 he took up a teaching position in the University of Queensland and teaches across a range of disciplines.  His research includes both captive and free-living (native and introduced) wildlife behavior, ecology and management, as well as management of wildlife and small ruminants as pests or as a resource. 

Researcher biography

A./Professor Peter Murray had his first involvement with wildlife as an undergraduate in the 1970's when he was involved in the search for what was thought to be the extinct dibbler, and to trap bandicoots for research into their reproduction. His Honours was on wildlife ecology in Badgingarra National Park in WA where he trapped and handled a wide range of wildlife including Honey possums and Turtle frogs. After undertaking a Research Masters and PhD on different aspects of sheep production, he used this knowledge to supervise multiple students in different aspect of the utilisation of goats as both production and pest animals. In the 1990's Peter resumed his career with wildlife by starting the Wildlife Biology, then Wildlife Science degree, based on the Gatton campus, where he teaches a number of wildlife courses, including the only University course in Australia on the sustainable use of wildlife, and a course that takes students to South Africa partly to study their wildlife.

Based on his broad experience and knowledge Peter has been heavily involved in the design and development of the Hidden Vale Wildlife Centre (https://hiddenvalewildlife.uq.edu.au/), funded by The Turner Foundation generously supported by Graham and Jude Turner, who own Flight Centre. Peter welcomes enquiries from prospective students interested in any aspect of wildlife research.

Areas of research