Teaching and Development

  • MKTG3960 Applied Market Research 
  • MKTG7961 Agribusiness Marketing
  • IBUS3960 Export Practices and Procedures
  • AGRC3000 Food and Fibre Case Studies III
  • AGRC3023 / AGRC7043 Agrifood Strategy and Competitiveness

Researcher biography

Experienced researcher and advisor to primary producers, food processors, value-adders, business founders, owners, directors and senior management teams. Has established a wide range of agri-food products into domestic and export markets. Successfully established joint ventures, new distributors and long-term supply contracts internationally. Has facilitated the creation of millions of dollars of client revenue from domestic and export markets. More than 400 individual consultancy projects including extensive international travel for market research, negotiating orders on behalf of clients and establishing global presence including selecting and appointing distributors, establishing international offices and negotiating joint ventures.

Prior to joining UQ, Phil completed many agribusienss marketing, market research and business development projects, including:

  1. An Evaluation of International Markets for Australian Value-Added Flowers and Foliage, 2013.
  2. An analysis undertaken for an Australian organisation which required travel to and meetings with supply chain members in Germany, Switzerland, the Netherland, China, Japan and the United States of America and which evaluated market attractiveness and distribution channel alternatives for Australian native floral arrangements.
  3. Market Investigation and Marketing Plan for Bakery Products in Queensland, 2013. Market research including desk and telephone research on which to base a marketing plan for a Toowoomba-based medium-sized bakery.
  4. Market Investigation for Products Manufactured On-Farm from Lychees, 2013. Market research to investigate distribution channel alternatives for a Central Queensland lychee producer.
  5. Putting Regional Food on the Energy Sector Menu, 2012. A report prepared for the Queensland Government which involved telephone and face to face research to identify opportunities for S E Qld food to be supplied to remote mining accommodation camps in SE Qld.
  6. Market Segment and Product Opportunities for Lockyer Valley Beetroot, 2011. Extensive desk and telephone research of a broad range of domestic and international information sources to identify and prioritise value chain and market alternatives for fresh and processed beetroot for retail, commercial and industrial markets.
  7. Identification of Distribution Channels for High Density Nutrition Food Product in Australia, 2011. Telephone research to identify market attractiveness and distribution channel alternatives.
  8. Preliminary Feasibility Assessment for an Apple Puree Processing Facility at Stanthorpe, 2011. A market assessment of the alternative uses for waste streams from the fresh apple supply chain.
  9. Review of Marketing Activities for Avocado Marketing, 2010. An evaluation of existing marketing and supply chain arrangements of grower organisation.
  10. Baked Goods Market Opportunities and Threats in the Queensland School Sector, 2007. Extensive telephone research and analysis prepared for a mid-sized bakery to evaluate how best to navigate the Queensland Government's Smart Choices Healthy Food and Drink Supply Strategy for foods sold in tuckshops.
  11. Evaluation of New Zealand Distribution Channel Member Performance, 2006. Prepared for a global ingredient specialist following a visit to the NZ market and in-depth interviews with a range of information sources.
  12. Assessment of Opportunities in the Japanese Market for Confectionary Products from Ginger, 2005. A detailed market investigation which involved desk research and in-depth interviews with value chain members across Japan.
  13. Assessment of Opportunities for Blended Ingredients in China, 2004. An evaluation of opportunities for blended ingredients which required in-depth interviews in China and Hong Kong with value-chain members including manufacturers, distributors and retailers of dairy, sugar and flour blend ingredient mixes.
  14. Assessment of Opportunities for Value-Added By-Products of the Meat Processing Industry, 2004. An evaluation of opportunities for an Australian by-product processor.
  15. An Investigation of International Market Opportunities for Australian Peanut Butter. Market research including desk and telephone research to identify market opportunities.
  16. The Market for Horse Feed in Australia, 2003. Extensive research including desk and telephone research and visits to distributors and retailers of horse feeds and the development of a marketing plan.
  17. An Evaluation of Product Opportunities from Waste Streams from Citrus, 2003. Identification of potential commercial products from citrus waste.
  18. Feasibility Assessment of Farmer-Owned Value-Adding of High Protein Wheat into Pasta, 2002. A market investigation including desk research, telephone and in-depth interviews to identify and prioritise attractiveness of alternative distribution channels for fresh pasta.
  19. Opportunities for Pasteurised Pureed Vegetables and Herbs in the United Kingdom, 2002. Extensive telephone research and two market visits to identify and qualify opportunities resulting in the identification of A$5m per annum of potential business.
  20. International Market Opportunities for Medicinal Herbs, 2001. Market investigation which included visits to the USA and Singapore to assess distribution channel members and to allow a market entry plan to be prepared.
  21. Feasibility Assessment for a Multi-Species Abattoir, 2001. An evaluation of opportunities prepared for Crows Nest Shire Council.
  22. Assessment of Opportunities to Establish a Damara Sheep Industry in Far Western Queensland, 2000. A report prepared for Central Western Queensland Remote Area Planning and Development Board based on telephone and face-to-face meetings in Brisbane.
  23. Assessment of Opportunities to Establish a Regional Goats Cheese Industry, 2000. An evaluation of market opportunities and threats based on telephone and desk research of retailers and distributors in Australia.
  24. Investigation of Distribution Channel Opportunities to Shorten the Supply Chain for Lamb Meat, 1999. Market investigation undertaken as part of a business plan for a NSW-based lot-fed lam producer based on telephone research and face-to-face interviews in Sydney and which resulted in the establishment of a successful supply chain.
  25. Opportunities for Secondary Cuts of Beef, 1999. A report prepared for Northern Rivers Regional Development Board which evaluated commercial markets for value-added meat produced in the Casino region and involved telephone research and face-to-face meetings with commercial catering kitchen throughout NSW including centralised kitchens operated for NSW Health.
  26. Global Opportunities and Marketing Plan for Macadamia Nuts, 1999. An 18 month program of market research and facilitation provided to a macadamia grower requiring several international trips resulting in establishing customer relationships with a chocolate manufacturer in Belgium, bakery ingredient supplier in Germany, nut distributor in UK, agricultural commodity agent in Switzerland, importers in Hong Kong, macadamia processors in China, macadamia processors and distributors in USA, and the preparation of a global market entry plan.
  27. An Evaluation of Existing Distribution Channel Effectiveness in the Australian Animal Feed Industry, 1999. Market research undertaken for a feed ingredients specialist based on face-to-face meetings with industry personnel.
  28. An Evaluation of the Market for Feed Milling Equipment and Services in Australia, 1999. Market investigation and analysis including desk research and face-to-face meetings in Victoria, NSW and Queensland.
  29. Market Opportunities for Australian Manufactured Asian Sauces, 1998. Market investigation and analysis of opportunities and threats involving telephone and face-to-face research with Australian chefs to evaluate and prioritise market segments and the preparation of recommendations in the form of a marketing plan.
  30. An evaluation of distribution channels and market access for Australia cartilage products, 1998. A report prepared for Lane Labs, an Australian product development company focused on natural health products. This project required meetings with distribution channel members in Australia, Norway, Spain and Italy.
  31. Investment Brief for Frozen Sweet Corn and Eda-Mame (edible soybean, 1997. A feasibility study investigation prepared for the Queensland Government.
  32. Market Opportunities and Challenges for Retail Butchers to Access Wholesale Markets in SE Qld, 1997. Telephone and face-to-face meetings to understand the needs and preferences of wholesale customers for red meat so that supply chain alternatives could be evaluated.
  33. An Evaluation of International Supply Chian Members for Aloe-Vera Products, 1997. International evaluation for a Bundaberg-based grower-owned vertically-integrated enterprises. This publication required international travel to Hong Kong, China, Taiwan, Japan and the United Kingdom to evaluate existing value chain member performance.
  34. Evaluation Of Marketing And Distribution Opportunities for Pecans, Macadamias and Pecans, 1997. A market analysis prepared for a network of producers.
  35. Identification of Markets and Distribution Channel Alternatives for Dehydrated Fruits, 1997. A domestic market and supply chain evaluation involving telephone and face-to-face meetings.
  36. Asian Markets for Gari (Pickled Ginger), 1996. An evaluation of supply chain members and market opportunities from desk research and in-depth interviews with senior managers of 20 of Japan's largest importers, processors, distributors and sushi manufacturers in the country.
  37. Asian Markets for Australian-Processed Tsukemono (Pickled Vegetables), 1996. A market assessment prepared for the Queensland Government requiring visits to Japan, Taiwan and South Korea to meet with importers, processors and retailers.
  38. International Markets for Australian Foliage, 1996. A market evaluation which required desk and telephone research followed by travel to Switzerland, Germany and the Netherlands to confirm the attractiveness of markets by meeting with importers, distributors and retailers of flowers and foliage and showing samples to obtain feedback.
  39. Export Market Plan for Brewed Ginger Beer, 1995. A report prepared for Bundaberg-based manufacturer of brewed ginger beer.
  40. Opportunities for Pumpkin Processing in Queensland, 1995. An evaluation of opportunities and threats prepared for the Queensland Government and which included travel to Japan, Taiwan and South Korea to conduct face-to-face meetings with importers, distributors, processors and retailers.
  41. Opportunities for processed chillies for industrial market applications, 1995. A report prepared as part of a market investigation and business planning program for a vertically-integrated farming organisation.
  42. The International Market for Chillies, 1995. A market assessment prepared for the Queensland Government which required extensive desk research and travel to Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Hong Kong and Japan to conduct face-to-face meetings with importers, processors, market agents and retailers with farmers who became investors in processing facilities so they could assess the risks and opportunities prior to making their investment decision.
  43. Evaluation of Market Opportunities and Marketing Alternatives for Grain Handling Equipment, 1993. Market investigation and analysis and business plan for an Australian manufacturer which required desk research and visits to supply chain partners in Queensland, NSW and Victoria.
  44. Evaluation of Market Opportunities and Distribution Alternatives for Grain Legumes, 1993. A report prepared at the time that Heinz transferred its Navy Bean processing to New Zealand.
  45. Review of Marketing and Business Practices in a Vertically Integrated Agribusiness Enterprise Including Feed Milling, Rural Merchandise and Pig Production, 1992. A report prepared for vertically-integrated pork producer.
  46. Domestic and Asian Market Investigation and Business Plan for Broadacre Broccoli Production on the Darling Downs, 1992. A market research report and business plan prepared for the Queensland Government.