Researcher biography

Dr Dominic Smith has had 25 years of progressively more senior experience in international development, with a concentration on agriculture and rural development, agricultural value chains and marketing, pro-poor development and decentralized finance and planning. Dr Smith's experience has included a variety of roles in academia, research, donor agencies, implementation organization, private sector and NGOs.

Dr. Smith worked at the University of Queensland in a variety of research roles between 1992 and 2000 prior to taking up various roles in international development organizations in the field of rural development in Asia. Since 2000, Dr. Smith has held main leadership roles in progressively larger international teams to successfully implement large scale complex development projects for a variety of donors. This includes management of technical, financial and human resource aspects of projects and programs. The main concentration of these programs has been on agricultural value chains and rural development. Dr Smith has extensive work experience throughout Asia including Philippines, Indonesia, China, Vietnam, Myanmar, Cambodia and Laos with a strong track record of sucessful aquisition, implementation and managment of complex programs and projects.

Prioir to returning to University of Queensland, Dr. Smith was the team leader for the DFID supported "Making Markets Work Better for the Poor" project in Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia, and the Chief Technical Advisor for the SDC supported "Public Service Provision Improvement Program in Agriculture and Rural Development" in Vietnam.