Teaching and Development

  • ANIM3019 Animal Reproduction

Researcher biography

Dr. Tamara Keeley is a Senior Lecturer with the University of Queensland, School of Agriculture and Food Science. Dr. Keeley is a biologist, specialising in the areas Endocrinology, Reproductive Biology, Physiology, Captive Management, Conservation Science, Behaviour, and Welfare. She has experience working with a large variety of species ranging from livestock to endangered species (both in situ and ex situ); including mammals, marsupials, amphibians and reptiles. Over the last decade and a half, Tamara have been involved in a wide range of management and research related collaborations and projects through which she has gain experience and knowledge in the areas of animal management and husbandry, reproductive management and assisted reproductive technology, animal physiology, animal behaviour and welfare, genetics, ecology and wildlife recovery and conservation programs. Tamara is known for her expert knowledge in non-invasive hormone analysis techniques and their validation and application to wildlife, companion, laboratory, and production animals for the study of reproduction, welfare and health.Tamara co-supervising Honours, Masters and Doctorate students who's studies include investigating hormonal biomarkers for reproductive status in echidnas, evaluating faecal thyroid hormones in dugongs, exploring oestrous and pregnancy detection methods in the koala and evaluating welfare and enrichment programs for captive dolphins and penguins.

Areas of research