Teaching and Development

  • ANIM3019 Animal Reproduction

Researcher biography

Dr. Tamara Keeley is a Postdoctoral Research Fellow with the University of Queensland, School of Agriculture and Food Science. Dr. Keeley is a biologist, specialising in the areas Endocrinology, Reproductive Biology and Wildlife Conservation. She has been working in or with zoos for more than a decade and as such has acquired extensive experience and knowledge of animal husbandry, captive breeding programs, welfare, animal behavior and conservation programs. She has utilized non-invasive hormone analysis techniques to improve captive animal management and breeding and increase our knowledge of the basic reproductive biology of a wide range of exotic and Australian native wildlife species. Dr. Keeley's current primary research project is aimed at evaluating near-infrared spectrometry and non-invasive hormone monitoring to discriminate reproductive and disease status in koala. She is also co-supervising Honours, Masters and Doctorate students who's studies include investigating hormonal biomarkers for reproductive status and health in humpback whales, evaluating faecal thyroid hormones in dugongs, examination of urinary hormones and behaviour to improve detection of oestrus in Southern hairy-nosed wombats and exploring oestrous detection methods in the fat-tailed dunnart.

Areas of research