Teaching and Development

  • FOOD1001/7011 Principles of Food Preservation
  • FOOD7014 Food Commodity Science I (Animal Products)
  • FOOD3011 Food Product Development
  • FOOD2000 Food Science

Researcher biography

Dr Nidhi Bansal is a lecturer in Food Science and Technology at the University of Queensland. Dr Nidhi Bansal completed her PhD degree in Food and Nutritional Sciences in December 2007 from university College Cork, Ireland. After finishing her PhD, she worked as a postdoctoral fellow at Dairy Products Technology Centre, California Polytechnic State University, USA until November 2009. She joined the University of Queensland as a postdoctoral fellow in May 2010 and was appointed as a lecturer at the University of Queensland in May 2011. Her research is focused largely on dairy science, examining both its fundamental and applied aspects. Currently, she leads a research group of 3 PhD students, 5 Masters students and one postdoctoral research fellow working in the areas of texture and flavour modification, non-thermal processing and shelf-life extension of dairy products. She is also co-supervising 9 PhD students. She teaches into courses such as principles of food preservation, food science, food product development and emerging food technologies and biotechnology and food commodity science. Her role also includes developing linkage between the UQ and the Australian dairy industry. 

Areas of research