Professor Neal Menzies, Head of School

Welcome to the School of Agriculture and Food Sciences.

We’re widely recognised as leading contributors to global food and water security, and to creating sustainable agricultural systems in Australia and abroad.

Our commitment, breadth of expertise, and highly collaborative nature ensure that the University of Queensland maintains its enviable reputation as the world’s top-ranked tropical agriculture university.

Significant role

With the global population predicted to grow by 2.3 billion by 2050, land and water resources in decline, and climates growing ever more unpredictable, agriculturalists the world over face the challenge of how to do more with less, and with the least possible environmental insult.

Food and fibre production must increase by 70 per cent to meet the nutritional needs of this larger, and wealthier, population: ongoing international efforts to feed the world’s many undernourished communities must continue, and we must also find ways to address demand in developing populations with changed wealth, and to combat widespread obesity in others.

Our experts play a significant role in addressing this complex and persistent global concern of how to enhance both the quantity and quality of food.

Closer to home, we’re also focused on keeping our agricultural enterprises profitable, our declining rural communities vibrant, and the balance between conflicting land uses such as agriculture, urbanisation, mining and conservation judicious. 

These intertwined social, economic and environmental challenges present exciting opportunities for multidisciplinary research, innovation and study within our School. 

Supportive and vibrant

Our supportive academic environment, first-class facilities and unique sub-tropical location provide a vibrant backdrop for our teaching and research activities. 

Our industry-led degree programs, opportunities to study abroad, and hands-on work placements provide our students with a highly-valued combination of scientific knowledge, practical know-how, and community engagement skills. 

Our graduates leave us ready to forge careers in Australia and internationally, and equipped to tackle projects as varied as elucidating fundamental biophysical processes through to managing large-scale agricultural systems. 

Demonstrated impacts

We’re Australia’s most diversified agriculture research grouping, and our ready access to the powerhouse of cutting-edge discovery science within the Faculty of Science and across the UQ’s wider research community sets us apart from our competitors.

Many of our researchers are world leaders in their fields, which are as diverse as crop and pasture production, food science, soil sciences, plant biology and genetics, horticultural production, environmental science, and animal, equine and wildlife sciences.

By collaborating with like-minded experts at UQ and beyond, and by interfacing with industry and government, we rapidly translate research into improvements in the field, and we’re well known for delivering demonstrated impacts across a range of settings.

Engage with us

Our strong partnerships with local, national and international individuals and organisations are integral to our success.

We look forward to continuing our current relationships, and fostering new ones.

Contact us if you want to join our ranks or learn more about us.