Honours gives you the chance to explore your area of interest and develop specialist knowledge and practice through research. It enables you to advance your research career or move into a diverse range of professions within your chosen field.

Honours is challenging and exciting - in addition to extending your specialisation, you'll also enhance your skills in areas including:

  • data analysis
  • critical thinking
  • report writing
  • research methodologies
  • research communication
  • entrepreneurship.

You'll also complete a supervised research project.

Honours options

We offer two types of honours programs:

  • a year of postgraduate study at the end of a three-year undergraduate degree program
  • a four-year undergraduate honours degree program.

Honours programs

You can study:

Recommended study plans

Visit our Science Study Planner for information about our available majors (single, extended and dual) and recommended study plans.

Application information

For answers to frequently asked questions, and information about honours programs, applications, fees and student life, visit UQ's Future Students website.


Available honours projects

Visit our Research projects pages to see our available honours projects. 

You can also apply for an honours project with QAAFI.

Visit our support pages for current honours students if you're an undergraduate and are ready to start your research project.

Our disciplines

Visit our Study pages to find out which disciplines you can study at the honours level.

Scholarships and prizes

See the range of research scholarships and prizes available to honours students.

Study overseas

Studying overseas can give your career a competitive edge. Global experiences, our student exchange program, allows you to study overseas for up to one year on exchange while gaining credit towards your UQ degree.

Contact us

Contact one of our honours coordinators for information about applying for honours, funding and fieldwork.

If you're already studying with us, visit our support pages for current honours students.